10 Fun Facts about The Mermaid's Sister

Stuff you'll probably never be asked about on Jeopardy...

In a spirit of fun (and as a way of procrastinating working on my next novel), I offer you 10 random facts about The Mermaid's Sister--things that even Alex Trebek doesn't know!
Bushy-bearded Brahms, or Ezra Scarff 
  1. O'Neill was named after my friend's neighbor's dog.
  2. Brahms' German Requiem was a major part of my writing playlist. Which leads us to number 3...
  3. O'Neill's looks were modeled after young Johannes Brahms and...
  4. Scarff's appearance was inspired by older, bushy-bearded Brahms.
  5. In an early draft, Pilsner the raven helped Soraya Phipps capture Clara, O'Neill, & Maren.
  6. Maren's name means "of the sea."
  7. Clara's middle name is Amelia, which was my great grandmother's middle name.
  8. The tune O'Neill hums to Clara in Chapter 29 is Brahms' Waltz in A-Flat Major. (Again with the Brahms, I know. But it's such a beautiful piece of music! You can hear it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBteIPP832s)
  9. The original title of the book was Seashell, Stork and Apple Tree, in reference to the origins of Maren, Clara, and O'Neill.
  10. The first line of the book ("Wishing gets you nothing.") is a direct quote from my dear friend Sunday Parfitt. Alas, she was not spinning a fantastical yarn when she spoke these special words. Instead, she was advising her young son that he'd have to get his own drink!
P.S. More character inspiration images can be found in the Photos & Illustrations section of the blog, and on my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/13hedgehogs/the-mermaids-sister-a-novel/
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