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Looking Back at 2019 (and hoping it isn't chasing me)

2019 in Review Well, it was A Year.  I hope 2019 was kind to you. I hope you found joy and created things and made someone smile. I hope you laughed hard enough to snort a few times and that all your tears were the happy kind. It was not my favorite year, to be honest. I lost my dear grandmother and faced some trials that stretched me to my limit.  But here I am, a little weary but still hopeful, determined to be and to do better in the days ahead. Wearing antlers with author Sarah Delena White In the midst of it all, I revised and edited 2 novels, wrote a few short stories, a couple poems, and most of another novel,  was published in Deep Magic's spring issue, and self-published a set of short tales about O'Neill (of The Mermaid's Sister). I met lots of nice readers at the book events I attended, and I had a great time with writer friends at the Realm Makers Conference and the St. Davids Writers' Conference. I drank a unicorn frappe (DO NOT ATTEMPT), explor