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Just a quick note

This is fun! Popsugar lists The Mermaid's Sister among its 200 best books of 2015 for women. I'm ignoring the fact that they seem to have forgotten O'Neill is a guy. :) There are lots of good books on the list & a few I'm adding to my personal TBR pile. Check it out here:

Book Signings Ahead!

The Mermaid's Sister, Bookstore Visits, & a Star Whale Hi!   Below, you'll find a press release for a book signing I'll be doing in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania at Barnes & Noble at Bucknell University . I thought I'd post it here because it contains a little bit about the book ( The Mermaid's Sister )and the author (me!)--in case you don't know us.   If you're in central PA, please come & meet me at Webster's Bookstore & CafĂ© on November 6, 2015, during State College's First Friday events. I attended Penn State there, so I'm very excited to be revisiting its hometown.   Check out my events page for more info on signings & appearances, including links to the stores' websites. I h ope to meet you soon! Lewisburg Bookstore to Hold Signing for Award Winning Author LEWISBURG, PA- On Friday, October 2, Barnes and Noble at Bucknell University (400 Market St.) will host a book signing event with Carrie Anne Nobl