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Inspiration for Making Art!

Sometimes you simply have to start doing the thing that your heart says you should do --writing, painting, singing, dancing, composing--and then you will find out that you CAN! After you start flapping those wings, you will find yourself flying, falling in love with creating and gaining the confidence to create even more.
The Sixth Treasure Tiny feet scamper across my cheek, up the bridge of my nose, and over my forehead. For a moment, I think I must be dreaming, but the sensation of something nibbling upon my hair is much too real. I sit up and swat at my head, dislodging the plump mouse from my tresses. With a squeak of dismay, the mouse scurries off to burrow into a clump of straw near the oaken door. I regret swatting at my head almost as much as I regret sitting up so quickly. It seems as though an army of elves is playing drums inside my skull. I touch the place where the pain is most fierce, finding a bump the size of an egg. Did I hit my head? Did someone else hit my head? What is this place, anyway? I look at about the room, turning my head slowly so as not to cause the elves to drum harder. The walls are made of heavy stone blocks, roughly hewn. High in the far wall, several little slits let in a few sunbeams. There is a bucket in one corner and a neatly folded, filthy blanke