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Reading Recommendations & Spring Updates

Greetings from my reading nook/writing lair! I’ve been reading lots during the cold weather, haven’t you? Such a pleasant way to pass the time. I'm grateful for the warmth of spring (not that it will stop me from reading!).   Confession : I’m a big Kindle reader. I know, it’s no replacement for the feeling of a book in your hands and the scent of ink and paper, but the thing lights up so I can read in bed, and it holds a LOT of books. Now that I’ve confessed, I’ll tell you that I recently read 13 books in a series. Michelle Vernal’s Guesthouse on the Green series is about a quirky Irish family who run an inn. I can’t remember ever laughing out loud so much while reading! I got the series from Kindle Unlimited—which is part of the reason I put up with punctuation and spelling errors that infested the first several books. The newer ones are better in that regard. BUT I totally recommend the series if you like family