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Deep Magic & Leprechauns

The Latest News... Hello from my writing room/ chicken farm!  Yes, I am currently sharing my office with 7 lively little Ameraucana chicks. Don't worry, they're not staying. Once they grow feathers and the weather warms up, they'll be sent to the henhouse and instructed to lay lovely blue-green eggs. In other exciting news (even more exciting than the chicken invasion),  one of my short stories is included in the June 2016 edition of Deep Magic , a  sci-fi and fantasy e-zine overseen by the talented Jeff Wheeler (author of the Muirwood series & the Kingfountain series). The issue includes writings from Charlie Holmberg, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, and Jeff Wheeler himself. Exalted company, indeed! More about the e-zine can be found here: Last bit of extra thrilling news: The Mermaid's Sister is a semi-finalist