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The Mermaid's Sister


Winner of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 

for Young Adult Fiction

  and the 2016 Realm Award for Book of the Year

There is no cure for being who you truly are...

In a cottage high atop Llanfair Mountain, sixteen-year-old Clara lives with her sister, Maren, and guardian Auntie. By day, they gather herbs for Auntie’s healing potions. By night, Auntie spins tales of faraway lands and wicked fairies. Clara’s favorite story tells of three orphan infants—Clara, who was brought to Auntie by a stork; Maren, who arrived in a seashell; and their best friend, O’Neill, who was found beneath an apple tree.

One day, Clara discovers shimmering scales just beneath her sister’s skin. She realizes that Maren is becoming a mermaid—and knows that no mermaid can survive on land. Desperate to save her, Clara and O’Neill place the mermaid-girl in their gypsy wagon and set out for the sea. But no road is straight, and the trio encounters trouble around every bend. Ensnared by an evil troupe of traveling performers, Clara and O’Neill must find a way to save themselves and the ever-weakening mermaid.

And always, in the back of her mind, Clara wonders, if my sister is a mermaid, then what am I?

The Gold-Son

A shoemaker's apprentice. 

A girl in disguise. 

A Leprechaun's curse.

All sixteen-year-old Tommin wants is to make beautiful shoes and care for his beloved grandmother, but his insatiable need to steal threatens to destroy everything. Driven by a curse that demands more and more gold, he’s sure to get caught eventually.
When mysterious Lorcan Reilly arrives in town with his “niece,” Eve, Tommin believes the fellow wants to help him. Instead, Lorcan whisks him off to the underground realm of the Leprechauns, where, alongside Eve, he’s forced to prepare to become one of them.
As Lorcan’s plans for his “gold-children” are slowly revealed, Tommin and Eve plan their escape. But with Tommin’s humanity slipping away, the fate-crossed pair has everything to lose unless they can find a way to outsmart a magical curse centuries in the making.

Praise for The Gold-Son, narrated by Gerard Doyle
Winner of Audiofile Magazine's Earphones Award

"Noble creates a fantasy world worthy of a Grimm fairy tale, and narrator Gerard Doyle delivers it with energy and style. Young Tommin Kelly is cursed by Lorcan Reilly, a leprechaun whose ambition is to become king of the leprechauns. Portraying the ruthless villain blinded by greed, Gerard oozes evil into every syllable he speaks, yet he controls his performance so that the villain goes beyond a stereotype. Using distinct Irish accents, Gerard fills this young adult fantasy with memorable character voices and infuses Tommin's spirit, in particular, with the power of a fallen hero. A must-listen for teen fantasy lovers." -Audiofile Magazine

Gretchen and the Bear 
Sixteen-year-old Gretchen has been waiting forever to trade life on a dreary orbiting station for life on gloriously regenerated Earth. Still, visiting faerie-infested Britannia is not on her agenda—especially since no human who’s ventured there has ever returned. But when her stepsister sneaks off to the island to meet a faerie boyfriend, Gretchen’s stepmother forces her to choose: risk death to rescue the runaway, or forfeit her father’s life.

Lost in the faeries’ forest, Gretchen meets a family of Bearfolk—fae who can shift between human and bear forms. Kindhearted seventeen-year-old Arthur volunteers to help, while his mother, who believes Gretchen is the heroic Silverhair of faerie legend, schemes to use the girl for darker purposes.

When the quest to save the runaway proves costly, will Gretchen and Arthur find the courage to sacrifice what they hold dearest to save the ones they love most? 

"Gretchen and the Bear transports the reader into a magical realm that is one part sci-fi, one part fantasy, one part fairy tale. It's a brilliant mash-up, and I was thrilled to journey with Gretchen as she discovered all the layers of meaning inside this wooded landscape - one of fairies and spells, and most importantly true love. It is a marvelous read."

Roberta Gore, author of Relic

Gretchen and the Bear on

The Peddler's Reward 

Spending the winter in Florida with a group of rowdy performers ought to be fun for seventeen-year-old peddler O’Neill. But when he and his ailing guardian Scarff park their wagon with the Gaskins, things go downhill fast. Scarff is growing sicker by the day, and if that isn’t bad enough, O’Neill soon finds himself unwittingly engaged to the Gaskin king’s daughter—a dangerous girl who doesn’t care one fig that he’s already devoted to another.
With Scarff in dire need of a rare swampland remedy, O’Neill plunges into the magic-tainted Floridian wilds with three goals in mind: to rescue the runaway Gaskin princess, to obtain the cure for the only father he’s ever known, and to remain alive so he can return north to his true love. 


What could possibly go wrong in an enchanted swamp?

In the O'NEILL AND THE GRIGGIN, O’Neill discovers what he thinks is a baby left in the woods to die. Bound by magic to care for the feisty faerie creature until he locates its mother, he faces more perils and pitfalls than the average young papa. Can he survive a week of parenting a shape shifting griggin, or will the wee beast’s insatiable appetite and hot temper do him in?

Revisit (or meet for the first time) the beloved characters of Scarff, O’Neill, and others from THE MERMAID'S SISTER in this pair of adventure-filled stories by Carrie Anne Noble, set during the timeline of the beloved original novel.

 The Peddler's Reward on Amazon


 The Gingerbread Queen

HANSEL & GRETEL'S TALE CONTINUES. Years after fleeing the witch's gingerbread cottage, Gretel returns to hide from townsfolk who accuse her of being the witch's successor. Handsome baker Lukas offers the only recipe to repair the crumbling cottage. Soon, Gretel's innate magic ignites, as does the spark between her and Lukas. Could it be her fate to become the next cruel witch to reign over the forest--and to lose any chance of a happily-ever-after with Lukas?
Only on Kindle Vella! Read the first three episodes for free. 



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