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10 Reasons to Write Your Novel in November

Why You Ought to Try (and Succeed at) NaNoWriMo This Year         Hi! This is a reposting of  my very first blog entry, but I think it's timely! So, without further ado, I give you 10 reasons to get cracking on that book you've always wanted to write--and soon ! To prove to yourself that you can do it. Yes, it's a lot of words in a short time, but thousands of people succeed every year. Why not you?  Being creative is good for you! Birds sing, trees make fruit, elephants paint (I saw it in the Weekly Reader!)...and they all seem quite content. Seriously, I am sure there is some happy brain chemical involved. There is nothing like spending time with your imaginary friends, making them fall in love, turn into hedgehogs, die of consumption, etc. If no one else in your life cheers you on in your writing endeavors, the folks at NaNoWriMo will! There are plenty of forums on their website where you can find like-minded writers of whatever genre you fancy. Yo

A Story for October

Granny Says Good Night by Carrie Anne Noble   (In Which Granny Proves to be an Unfit Babysitter.)   Nothing good happens after midnight, my dears. If the twelfth hour comes and your toes aren’t tucked up (every last one, from plump market-going piggy to wee-wee-wee one), Tom the Toe Snatcher may come and nip them off with his silver shears and take them home for his stew pot. If the clock raises both hands in surrender and you’re not fast asleep—oh! The terrible Things you’ll see lurking in the corners and along the ceiling! If you aren’t snoring when midnight comes, you’d best keep your eyes shut tight. A bit of caution for you, sweetlings: If your pillow covers dangle over the edge of your bed, the Devil’s likely to grab hold. He won’t just take the pillows, either. He’ll drag both you and your pillows down into his dark, everlasting hothouse. He’ll keep you children among the brimstone roses and fire marigolds, your feet planted in hot pitch till th


It's a Bookmark! My talented husband and I came up with this bit of "swag" (a.k.a. promotional stuff given away at events)--a bookmark for me to give out at an upcoming writers' conference. Since the real book cover has yet to be revealed, we concocted this lovely image. Can't wait to see the actual cover! The publisher says it will be ready for my review in a week or two!