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Summer News

The Latest... Hi!  I hope you're enjoying summertime! Mine has had its major ups and downs. The good news is my family survived a horrific car crash on the way home from camping on Assateague Island last month. We were hit head-on by a distracted driver. (Please don't text and drive!) Still achy from that (fractured ribs, ugh), but so grateful my husband and kids were only bruised a bit and not killed.  On a more festive note, This happened!      I'm thrilled to have a piece of flash fiction featured in this very pretty magazine. It's about the Dwarf you might think of as Dopey. You can get it on Amazon or here: Splickety June 2018 If you're in Pennsylvania for the Central PA Festival of the Arts, come & see me at BookFest PA , in the authors' tent behind the Schlow Library, on July 14. More info can be found here:  BookfestPA Enjoy the rest of your summer, and please drive very carefully!