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The Gold-Son News

Launch Party and Beyond Hi, all! I thought I'd share some photos from the launch party we had for The Gold-Son on June 30th. The James V. Brown Library of Williamsport, PA kindly allowed us to use their beautiful media room for our enchanted woods-themed festivities. A Leprechaun showed up for the party, courtesy of Dad's Garage Art. Thanks, Wayne Parfitt! Pot o' gold cupcakes sprouting rainbows, and other goodies! Bat cookies in honor of our Faerie-bat friend Copper Meringue mushrooms, chocolate mushrooms, shamrock cookies, forest berries... The author read aloud and then gave out fabulous prizes! Yes, I wanted to show off my cute dress. Author & her wonderful husband--who gave her the shiny tree. Not part of the party--but amazing gifts my publisher sent me to celebrate the book's release. Skyscape is the best!  Also...great news! Audiofile Magazine gave the audio book their Earphones Award for outstanding audio book