June 2015 Adventures

I attended back to back writers' events in June: UtopYA Con in Nashville followed by the St. Davids Writers' Conference in Grove City, PA. Two very different experiences!
UtopYA was a convention for Young Adult speculative fiction fans & writers, and it was a swirling extravaganza of hundreds of people, shiny books, panel discussions, swag giveaways, and signings. To top it all off, I finally met my editor in person.
About 60 people attended St. Davids, spending four days on a peaceful, beautiful, rainy college campus, taking classes, making friends & connections, & eating way too many desserts.
Here is photographic documentation!
One of the UtopYA exhibition halls. The lovely Rysa Walker shared her table with me & 3 other Skyscape suthors.
A few of the authors of Skyscape Publishing:  Jacqueline Garlick, Theresa Kay, Alys Arden, Rysa Walker, & me!
Selfie with Mr. Pew of Grove City College. He's kind of shy.
Nice dorms at Grove City.
Cool doors & relief. I stepped in a puddle
to get this picture, so you have to
look at it!
My roomies at the St. Davids Conference. Fun & talented!


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