Giant News (including news about a book containing a giant)

Warm greetings from the frosty mountains of Pennsylvania!

I have BIG NEWS! Ready? 

My YA fantasy (with a dash of science fiction) Gretchen and the Bear will be published May 27, 2020 by the lovely folks at WordCrafts Press! Super bonus excitment--the talented M.S.Corley, who created the covers for The Mermaid's Sister and The Gold-Son, is on board to design the cover for GATB.

Here's a sneak peek at the story:

Visiting dangerous Faerie-infested Britannia is the last thing sixteen-year-old Gretchen wants to do when she finally trades life on a dreary orbiting station for life on the verdant regenerated Earth. After all, no human who’s dared to visit the Faeries’ land has ever returned. But when her stepsister sneaks off to meet a Faerie boyfriend, Gretchen’s stepmother forces her to choose: risk death to rescue the runaway, or forfeit her father’s life.

Lost deep in the Faeries’ forest, Gretchen meets three Bearfolk—Fae who can shift from humans to bears. Kindhearted seventeen-year-old Arthur wants to help Gretchen, but his mother Lusela has other plans. Believing Gretchen is the Silverhair of legend who will bring the Bearfolk victory over their enemies, Lusela deviously leads Gretchen and Arthur into a raging battle.

On their journey through the wilds, Arthur’s lifetime of devotion to the rules starts to splinter. The more time he spends with Gretchen, the more he falls in love with her—and there’s no greater sin according to Bearfolk law. He does his best to fight his feelings for Gretchen as he aids her in her mission to survive Britannia’s perils and save her stepsister’s life. 

When the battle proves costly to them all, Gretchen and Arthur must each find the courage to sacrifice what they hold dearest to save the ones they love most.  

As you may have noticed, it features a twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears--and there are hints of Cinderella thrown in, too. There's a faerie hummingbird moth, a cranky giant, nasty bramble pixies, a helpful griffin, and other surprises for you.

A couple of  my amazing friends from St. Davids!

In other news...

I'll be teaching Novel Writing for Beginners at this June's St. Davids Christian Writers' Conference in beautiful Grove City, PA. I love this conference and its friendly summer camp vibe so much! You should come and have fun with us there if you're of a writerly persuasion. 

AND...I'm a featured author in Havok Magazine's June lineup. They're a great source of flash fiction, if you haven't heard of them. My story is, of course, short and magical. 

Whew! That's a boatload of news! But all good, thank heaven.

Before you know it, I'll be showing you the amazing cover for Gretchen and the Bear. Stay tuned!


P.S. If you're in my area on February 28, come on over to The Well Coffee House for Author Night.



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