The Queen shall arrive in June!

 Say hello to our brand new sovereign!

You may remember a little Kindle Vella story I posted last year by this name. Well, I'm very pleased to show you the brand new cover for the new and expanded version of The Gingerbread Queen! It's a fantasy inspired by the Grimm Brothers' Hansel and Gretel.

The book releases June 11, 2024 from Oliver Heber Books. 

The Kindle version is already up for pre-orders here:THE GINGERBREAD QUEEN

Here's the blurb:  

From the author of The Mermaid's Sister, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Winner for Young Adult Fiction and winner of the Realm Award for Book of the Year!

Once upon a time, Gretel defeated the witch of the gingerbread cottage and saved Hansel. Now, she must face what the witch left behind...

Germany, 1825. Thirteen years have passed since Gretel and her brother Hansel started new lives in a small town. She’s changed her name, lived quietly, and tried to forget her terrible past—yet gossiping neighbors accuse her of being the old witch’s protégé. When roguish Hansel stirs up the townsfolk’s wrath, she must return to the gingerbread cottage—a place both she and her enemies fear.

Deep within the forest, the white duck awaits Gretel’s return. He and the enchanted forest have plans to nudge her toward a dark, magical future—whether she likes it or not.

Could it be her fate to become the next cruel witch-queen to reign--and to forfeit any chance of a happily-ever-after with a kind and noble man? And what dangerous secrets does the white duck hide?

The Gingerbread Queen is book one in the Gingerbread Legacy duology from award-winning author Carrie Anne Noble.

"I’ve been a fan of Carrie’s work since I was entranced with
The Mermaid’s Sister and have read everything else she’s published. Her fun spins on fairy tales and fairy tale creatures have a charm I’ll always enjoy. — Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

I'm very excited, and I hope you are, too! 

Watch for more news about upcoming events, including the book launch which will happen June 7 in Williamsport, PA at The Lycoming Arts Gallery.

Stay cozy! 



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